Season 2: Homecoming



Season 2 Teaser: Joining the Community

Season 2 of Point Mystic is coming Halloween, October 31.

We want you to know, there really is a Secret of Point Mystic…

One that you can be a part of.

2.1 The Secret of Point Mystic Pt. 2: Between Worlds


(Continued from The Secret of Point Mystic Pt. 1)
Lilly breaks her vow of silence to tell, in her own voice, why she came to Point Mystic — and of the horror that took place beneath the waves when she arrived.

The truth about what happened to Lilly and the man whose life she was trying to save, when they fell through a doorway and into a place where something dark was waiting.

Join us as we continue to reveal the secrets of this town in the Season 2 premiere of Point Mystic.

2.2 The Secret of Point Mystic Pt. 3: The Calling


Tristan, the man who arrived in the sinking rowboat of Lilly’s visions tells his story of what can only be another world, and another America, devoured by monsters.

As the world descends into darkness, Tristan is visited by a dream that begins his harrowing journey of survival.




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